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When Is the Best Time to Take a River Cruise?

If you've decided to take a river cruise, you may be wondering when is the best time to go. Well, it really depends where you want to travel. Each region has . . . Read More

How to Decide Which River to Cruise in Europe

If you’ve been thinking about taking a cruise inside of Europe but haven’t decided which river to cruise, you first need to consider where you would like to travel. . . Read More

River Cruises: What is the Most Popular River to Cruise?

River cruising continues to be a growing segment of the travel industry each year. What is the most popular river to cruise, though?

If you have ever considered taking an overnight river cruise, you may have wondered which river is the best to cruise. . . Read More

Best River Cruises for Families

Over the past few years, river cruising has become a very popular way to travel. In general, however, it’s not particularly suited to families with children, especially young children.  This is partly due to the fact . . . Read More

A Gift Idea - A River Cruise Gift Card

Have you ever wondered what to get someone else for Christmas or another special occasion? A gift idea - a river cruise gift card. Find out where. . . Read More

Christmas Market Cruises Under $1000 Per Person

Christmas markets in Europe have long been a favorite of visitors. You’ll find quite a few options for Christmas Market river cruises ranging from about $500 per person to more than $5,000 per person. . . Read More

Staying Fit on a River Cruise

So, you’re getting ready to head out on a gorgeous getaway on a river cruise full of breathtaking sights and authentic cuisine - but want some tips on how to stay mindful of your fitness and health along the way? . . . Read More

Gluten Free Dining in Vienna, Austria

A visit to Vienna isn’t complete without experiencing the art, music, and most importantly, the traditional food. Many of the city’s cafés, restaurants, and hotels accommodate gluten-free eaters . . . Read More

Are You Too Young For a River Cruise?

If you aren’t a certain age, are you too young for a river cruise? Demographically speaking and referring to overnight itineraries, the average river cruise passenger is .  .  . Read More

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