4 River Cruise Bloggers You Should Follow

In this article we’re going to take a look at 4 river cruise bloggers that you should follow. Why? Because they are experts in the field. And they are travel writers who can tell you about river cruising from their own personal experience. Each writer has his own unique style, which is fascinating in itself. The list is in alphabetical order by first name.

Aaron Saunders

The first river cruise blogger you should follow is Aaron Saunders. He has his own travel blog, From the Deck Chair, which was launched in 2009. You'll find river cruise reviews, photo tours, hotel reviews, and even a few articles about airports. You can read more about Aaron here.

In addition to From the Deck Chair, Aaron is a regular contributor on the River Cruise Advisor. It's a site that is dedicated completely to river cruising. Aaron and Ralph share an insider's view of each cruise they take. Truly invaluable information if you want to know the ins and outs of different cruise lines, different ships and different destinations!

When I asked Aaron about his favorite river cruise(s) so far, this is what he had to say:

"My favorite river, by far, is the Danube. It's got this amazing mix of old and new, big and small. You've got cities like Vienna that have been powerhouses of art and culture for hundreds of years, paired alongside little villages like Melk and Durnstein that have, essentially, changed very little over time. 

My other favorite river is on the other side of the world. Sailing through Cambodia and Vietnam on the Mekong River was an exotic, eye-opening experience. Sure, in bigger cities like Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City - which everyone still calls Saigon once you get there - there's plenty of tourists and tourism, but some of the smaller floating villages we called on in both countries are so remote that you'd likely never stumble onto them on anything but a river cruise. It totally changed my view of Asia and river cruising. "

Aaron is definitely an expert on river cruising and is someone you can count on to give you his unbiased opinion about each of his travel experiences.

Connect with Aaron on Twitter.

Brian Johnston

The second river cruise blogger you should follow is Brian JohnstonHe is a travel journalist who, in addition to his own two websites, writes freelance articles for several travel publications. Read more about Brian here

His newest website, River Cruises Insight, was launched early in 2014 and is devoted entirely to river cruises. On this site, Brian provides insight from his own river cruise experiences as well as ship reviews and river cruise news, trends and updates. 

The Thoughtful Travel Writer is Brian's other website. It was launched in 2012 and is a place where he share his other travel experiences, knowledge, opinions and reviews. 

When I asked Brian about his favorite river cruise(s) so far, this is what he had to say:

"I think my favourite river to cruise so far has been the Volga waterways through Russia.

For any traveller with an interest in grand history, sweeping landscapes and gloriously rich culture, this cruise through Russia is hugely rewarding. This is a land evoked by great musicians and writers, just as it is overshadowed by giant personalities such as Peter the Great, Rasputin, Lenin and today's Vladimir Putin. Its grand past is fascinating, but so too is its fast-changing present, with its fading echoes of the USSR and all the troubles and joys inherent in being a country transformed."

Brian has a lot of river cruise experience and is never short on travel thoughts to share.

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Chris Owen

The third river cruise blogger you should follow is Chris OwenHe is known for his contributions to the cruising industry in general.  He was recently awarded a spot in the 10 Best Cruise Bloggers by the readers of USA TODAY. He ranked #8. You can read more about Chris here.

Chris’s main website Chris Cruises is about both ocean and river cruises. He’s really an expert on both. As far as river cruising is concerned, he can give you an insider’s perspective of travelling with Viking River Cruises, since that is where he is most knowledgeable. 

Your Cruise Dream, which was launched in 2001, is another website that Chris owns. You’ll find a wealth of information and resources related to cruising rather than articles that chronicle his journeys. 

Chris has extensive knowledge and travel experience in the cruise industry and is known for sharing his candid insights.

Connect with Chris on Twitter.

Ralph Grizzle

The fourth river cruise blogger you should follow is Ralph Grizzle. He has been on more than 200 cruises and loves to share his experiences and insights. Ralph is the major contributor for The Avid Cruiser, which is really more about ocean cruising. There is a section about river cruises, though. It’s a very interesting site that has video and audio podcast and Live Voyage Reports in addition to written articles.

I mentioned the River Cruise Advisor website when I introduced Aaron Saunders. Although, Aaron produces much of the written content, you’ll find some articles from Ralph, too. You can read more about Ralph and the River Cruise Advisor website here.

When I asked Ralph about his favorite river cruise(s) so far, this is what he had to say:

"Out of more than two dozen river cruises, my favorite so far just so happens to be the last one I experienced. That was on Portugal's Douro river on AmaWaterways. What made it so special? The setting - think steep vineyards forming a V-shape along the river, friendly and warm people, excellent wines and cuisine - and a lot more. Let's put it this way: When I was leaving, I thought, this is a place I wouldn't mind coming back to for living. Maybe a few months, maybe a year, maybe longer. There's magic on the Duoro, and I'm glad I discovered it on a river cruise."

Ralph is definitely an expert on river cruising and is someone you should also be following.

Connect with Ralph on Twitter.

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Lauri Wakefield is a travel writer who specializes in  river cruises in Europe and the U.S. Connect with her  on Twitter and Google+.

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