Book Review:
"The Best Vacation Ever!" by Cash Peters

Although, I've found a lot of travel books, I have found very few that are just about river cruising. That's the reason why I was intrigued when I found out about this book.  If I hadn't known that it was about river cruises, the title itself might not have caught my attention.

I met, Cash Peters, the author of the book "The Best Vacation Ever!" on Twitter. He contacted me to let me know about his newly-released book. 

I was curious about the book since it's about river cruises.  So, I decided to look it up on Amazon. After reading the book's description, I decided to go ahead and purchase it. Besides it was only $6.99, so I figured I had nothing to lose if I didn't like it. (No loss, because I did like it. )

Before reading the book, I can't say that I really had any expectations. Although, the book is about river cruising, I was not familiar with the author's writing. 

One Word to Describe the Book: Entertaining!

The author, Cash Peters, describes his river cruise experience. The setting: France from Provence to Burgundy. The cruise line: Uniworld. The vessel: River Royale. Rivers: Rhône & Saône. # of Chapters: 11.

Although, there is nothing particularly unusual about the itinerary, the author does not merely list the destinations he visited or facts about each city that would satisfy a traveler’s curiosity. Instead he tells a story. He wrote the book to be read as a good novel. 

While reading the book, I learned things I did not know about some of the cities and their history. There were details and facts that I’m sure I would not find in a guide book or another travel book that was written in third person.

In the book the author describes the characters - fellow passengers, Uniworld staff, tour guides and locals from the cities visited. His insights are especially amusing. I’m sure we have all met people like the characters he portrays.

Cash Peters provides an incredible amount of detail about each destination, the Uniworld ship and its staff, and what to expect both on and off the ship. The thing that really sets this book apart, though, is that he describes things in such an amusing and light-hearted way that I found myself laughing at times, identifying with him at times, and being able to imagine what it must have been like. Like a good novel, I became immersed in the story.

Who Would Enjoy the Book Most?

The “Best Vacation Ever!” is well-suited for people who like to travel or just enjoy reading about it and would rather be entertained with the details. If you would like to know more about this part of France or more about river cruises, this book will provide you with that information too. 

You really don’t have to be a river cruise fan to enjoy this book. As a matter of fact, the author shares some hilarious observations about his own fears and preconceived ideas about cruising on a river.

Who Might Not Appreciate the Book?

Someone who is looking for a guide book or a book with only information about a river cruise on the Rhone and Saone Rivers would not be able to navigate the book to find specific information. This type of traveler would be looking more for facts and quick tips or recommendations and would not be interested in reading a novel. Although, there is a tremendous amount of factual information contained within the book that you probably would not find in a typical travel book.

Where to Buy the Book?

The “Best Vacation Ever!” by Cash Peters can be purchased at Amazon. It is only available in digital format.

Don’t have a Kindle eBook Reader? Did you know that you can read Kindle books without one? 

Here are some links from Amazon to download the Kindle Free Reading App: Windows 7, Vista, XP ; Windows 8 ; and Mac

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Lauri is a travel writer who specializes in river cruises in Europe and the U.S. Connect with her on Twitter and Google+.

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