Is Travel Insurance Necessary?


Your choice - to purchase or not to purchase travel insurance. Some travelers view it as an unnecessary extra expense that just adds to the cost of the trip.

There are a few reasons you might want to consider a policy.

Travel insurance is purchased not just to protect your investment. Although, that might be one reason you would choose to purchase a policy - especially if you pay for your vacation at least 6 months prior to departure date.

There’s another reason to consider purchasing that could be just as – or even more – important. The reason? Medical and dental coverage. 

Even if you have medical and dental insurance, it doesn’t mean your policy will cover you while you are travelling.

You might want to review your policy to see if you will be covered for any medical or dental expenses (including emergency medical transportation) if you or anyone else on your policy requires medical attention while travelling.

Other features of a travel insurance policy include 24-hour emergency assistance service for medical referral, traveling companion assistance, emergency cash transfer, legal referral, locating lost or stolen items, replacement of medication and eyeglasses, embassy and consular services, worldwide medical information, interpretation/translation and emergency message relay.

In addition to what has already been mentioned, travel insurance will fully reimburse you if there is an interruption in the trip and partially reimburse you if there is a trip or baggage delay.

A “Cancel for Any Reason” is available as an add-on and would provide you with a refund for any cancellation. Standard cancellation coverage is conditional and will not cover all types of cancellation on your part.

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Lauri Wakefield is a travel writer who specializes in  river cruises in Europe and the U.S. Connect with her on Twitter and Google+.

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