Uniworld: A Boutique River Cruise Company

Uniworld is a boutique river cruise company that offers river cruises worldwide. It operate primarily in Europe but also offers packages in Russia, Asia and Africa.

In 1976 Uniworld opened for business. Although it operates as an independent company, Uniworld is owned by Travel Corporation, which also owns several other travel companies, such as Trafalgar Tours, Insight Vacations and Red Carnation Hotels.

Uniworld - European River Cruises

Uniworld has 26 different itineraries for its river cruises in Europe. Like most major river cruise companies, Uniworld cruises on these waterways:  Danube, MainRhineRhôneSaône and Seine.

The Danube by far is the most popular with 6 itineraries featuring only this river. It's included in 8 additional packages that combine the Danube with other waterways.

The Rhine  is the 2nd most popular river with 8 itineraries featuring this river. Most are combined with other waterways.

Cruises are also available on a few other rivers - the Douro in Spain & Portugal, the Po in Italy and the Dordogne, Garonne & Gironde Estuary in southwestern France. Although, it's not the only company cruising these rivers, it is one of the few.

Uniworld offers packages that combine separate river cruises in one itinerary. A Portrait of Majestic France features a 15-day river cruise on the Seine and a river cruise in Bordeaux.

The Grand France 15-day package features a cruise on the Seine and a cruise on the Rhône and Saône.

And finally the Ultimate France 22-day packages features 3 separate river cruises! - a cruise on the Seine, a cruise in Bordeaux, and a cruise on the Rhône and Saône.

While most companies offer cruises on the Rhine between Basel and Amsterdam or with the Upper Rhine combined with the Main and Danube Rivers, Uniworld has a Rhine Discovery & Prague package on the Lower Rhine from Basel to Prague. The river cruise is between Basel and Nuremberg and transportation to or from Prague is by motor coach.

Another package during the Christmas Holiday season - the Rhine Holiday Markets - features travel between Basel and Cologne on the Rhine with no travel to Amsterdam.

Although, river cruises are not one of the best ways to travel with children, Uniworld has incorporated a few packages in its portfolio that are designed for families with children who are at least four years old. Uniworld's Family River Cruises are listed below:

  • Castles along the Rhine (July)
  • Paris & Normandy (July & August)
  • Classic Christmas Markets (December)

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Uniworld's European River Cruise Fleet

Uniworld has continued to expand its European river cruise itineraries as well as its fleet of ships. There are currently 14 Uniworld ships operating on the rivers and waterways in Europe.

  • Queen Isabel - Douro
  • River Ambassador - Rhine, Main, Danube & Dutch & Belgian Waterways
  • River Baroness - Seine
  • River Beatrice - Danube
  • River Countess - Po
  • River Duchess - Rhine, Main & Danube
  • River Empress - Rhine, Main & Danube
  • River Princess - Danube & Main-Danube Canal
  • River Queen - Rhine, Moselle, Main & Danube
  • River Royale - Dordogne, Garonne & Gironde Estuary
  • S.S. Antoinette - Rhine
  • S.S. CatherineRhône & Saône
  • S.S. Joie de Vivre - Seine
  • S.S. Maria Theresa - Dutch & Belgian Waterways, Rhine, Main & Danube

Uniworld - Other River Cruises

In addition to its presence in Europe, Uniworld also offers river cruises in other parts of the world. The company has a 13-day package for the Volga River in Russia, a 15-day package for the Nile River in Egypt and a 15-day package for the Mekong River in Vietnam and Cambodia. 

Uniworld also Yangtze River cruise packages available as part of a land package. There are four different itineraries from 11 to 18 days with travel between Beijing and Shanghai or Beijing and Hong Kong.

And in 2016 the company will launch a brand new itinerary that you won't find with other major river cruise companies. The 13-day cruise on the Ganges River in India between New Delhi and Kolkata will be available beginning in January 2016.

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