Gluten-Free Dining in Vienna, Austria

By Anna Sonnenberg

A visit to Vienna isn’t complete without experiencing the art, music, and most importantly, the traditional food. Many of the city’s cafés, restaurants, and hotels accommodate gluten-free eaters effortlessly, so you won’t have to miss a thing, from Wiener schnitzel to wine taverns.

Indulge in Vienna's Classic Dish

For Vienna’s classic dish, Wiener schnitzel, look no further than Gasthaus Nestroy. This traditional restaurant specializes in a variety of delicious schnitzels and can easily prepare them gluten-free with a little advance notice. Enjoy your meal in the cozy, wood-beamed dining room or outside in the sunny beer garden.

Gluten-Free Dining at Demel Cafe in Vienna

Gluten-Free Dining at Demel Cafe in Vienna

Soak in Vienna's Coffeehouse Culture

Vienna is known for its coffeehouse culture, which celebrates cavernous cafés, strong black coffee, rich pastries, and good conversation. Visitors to the city will want to experience as many as possible, but for gluten-free eaters, there are two coffeehouses that can’t be missed. Start with a visit to Demel, which was once the confectionary purveyor to the imperial throne, and today continues to boast a luxurious café and patisserie. Inquire about the daily gluten-free selection, and prepare to indulge in a masterpiece, like the multi-layered almond buttercream cake.

Kurbad Torte in Vienna for Gluten Free Dining

 Indulgent Kurbad Torte - Gluten-Free Options are Available

For a more modern coffeehouse experience, stroll over to Kurkonditorei Oberlaa in the center of town. Service may be a bit more curt in this newer spot, but the selection is top-notch. Gluten-free options are carefully marked in the pastry case, and you’re likely to find a handful. Try the signature Oberlaa Kurbad Torte or the classic chocolate mousse torte, or pick out one of everything to share with your travel companions.

Experience the Local Heuriger

Another quintessentially Austrian experience you won’t want to miss is the local wine tavern. Directly connected to their own vineyards, these Heuriger serve the current vintage, along with traditional food. Take Vienna’s Tram D to Nußdorf, and you’ll find yourself in Vienna’s leafy outskirts at Schübel-Auer. Though this vineyard is over 300 years old, the Heuriger has embraced contemporary diets and is happy to serve gluten-free eaters. In addition to the generous mugs of wine, diners can enjoy a gluten-free hot and cold buffet and take in the festive atmosphere.

Stay At an Accommodating Hotel

If you’ll be staying overnight, be sure to book one that won’t leave you high and dry for the most important meal of the day. The Hotel am Konzerthaus, part of the MGallery Collection, can easily accommodate gluten-free guests for breakfast. Advise the hotel of your meal request in advance, and you’ll find that in addition to the breakfast buffet’s ample fruit, smoked meats, and cheeses, you will be presented with a full range of gluten-free breads and jams. With a good night’s sleep and a filling breakfast, you’ll be perfectly prepared to explore the nearby Konzerthaus, Belvedere Palace, and Vienna’s many imperial sights.

Gluten-Free Palatschinke in Vienna

Gluten-Free Palatschinke for Breakfast in Vienna

Though Vienna’s roots lie very much in its imperial history and its traditional food still reigns, gluten-free eaters will certainly not go hungry. Enjoy this beautiful city’s sights and culinary specialties, the old-fashioned way or gluten-free!

Author, Anna Sonnenberg, loves to share her travel experiences and the gluten-free foods she finds along the way. You can read more from Anna at Gluten-Free Jet Set. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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