Rivers in Europe

Danube River

Most river cruise lines in Europe offer Danube cruises. A variety of packages are available that include the Main and Rhine Rivers.  Some itineraries add the Moselle River, too.  Read More 

Dnieper River

Dnieper River cruises travel from Odessa to Kiev or Kiev to Odessa and include the Black Sea region of Ukraine and Crimea in their itineraries.  Read More 

Dordogne River

A cruise on the Dordogne River is from Libourne to Bergerac in Southwestern France. That’s only part of the package, though. The Garonne River and the Gironde Estuary are . . . Read More

Douro River

Douro River Cruises are offered by a few suppliers. Although most of the river is located in Spain, your cruise will be in Portugal from Porto only to the border of Spain at Vega de Terron.  Read More 

Elbe River

A cruise on the Elbe River will be from Berlin to Prague or Prague to Berlin. The Elbe flows from Czech Republic on a northwesterly course through Germany before reaching the North Sea.  Read More 

Main River

Main River cruises travel from Frankfurt to Nuremberg or from Nuremberg and are often combined with the Main-Danube-Canal and some combination of the Rhine, Danube and Moselle Rivers.  Read More 

Moselle River

Moselle River cruises travel from Trier to Koblenz in Germany where the Rhine and Moselle Rivers meet.  If your trip keeps you on the Rhine River, you’ll travel in a southeasterly direction toward Basel or Zurich, Switzerland. Read More 

Po River

In eastern Italy, Po River Cruises generally run from Venice to Polesella. A few other waterways are also included - the Venetian Lagoon and the Grand Canal in Venice.  Read More 

Rhine River

Rhine River cruises travel anywhere from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, Netherlands. Cruises on the Rhine are offered by most river cruise lines that operate in Europe.  Read More 

Rhone River

Rhone River cruises travel from Avignon to Chalon-sur-Saône or from Chalon-sur-Saône to Avignon. Itineraries often combine both the Rhone and Saone Rivers, which join together in Lyon, France.  Read More

River Thames

Cruises on the River Thames travel between London and Oxford for overnight cruises. You won’t find large river boats on Thames. Instead you’ll find cruises on smaller .  .  . Read More

Saone River

Saone River Cruises travel from Lyon to Chalon-sur-Saône or from Chalon-sur-Saône to Lyon in eastern France.  Read More 

Seine River

Paris, France is usually where Seine River Cruises begin. The river flows in a northwesterly direction from Paris to Normandy before emptying into the English Channel. Read More

Volga River

Volga River cruises combine different waterways as they journey through Russia between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Itineraries begin and end in both cities, so your trip can begin on either the Neva River or the Moskva River. Read More 

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