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Rainforest Cruises was founded in 2011 by Jeremy Clubb. The company specializes in Amazon River cruises, land travel in South America, Amazon Rainforest lodges and expedition cruises. Although, other types of travel are offered, the majority of packages at Rainforest Cruises are for cruises on the Amazon River.

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Amazon River Cruises

If you are looking for an Amazon River cruise, Rainforest Cruises has an extensive list of packages. The company's website is packed with information about the river cruise regions - the waterways, the destinations and the riverboats that travel in the Amazon. 

River cruises are available in Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Bolivia with most itineraries found in Peru. Rainforest Cruises has 30 different vessels listed -  13 operate in Peru, 14 operate in Brazil, 2 operate in Ecuador and 1 operates in Bolivia.

Cruises are broken down into 8 different travel types. Some are based on the river boat itself and include Luxury, Superior, Historical, Comfort and Budget cruises. And the other cruise types are Charters, Fishing Cruises and Day Tours.

Most itineraries for Amazon River cruises in Peru and Brazil are in the Comfort Class category.

Rainforest Cruises in Brazil

Cruises on the Amazon River in Brazil begin at $539 per person for the Budget Class and $3,292 per person for the Luxury Class Ships. Itinerary length is between 2 and 10 days.

14 River Cruise Ships Featured in Brazil

Luxury Class Ships – Zenith Yacht and Iberostar Grand Amazon

Comfort Class Ships – Guardian Yacht, Clipper Premium, Otter Premium, Jacaré-Açu, Awapé, M/Y Tucano, Amazon Dream, M/V Desafio, Iracema and Victoria Amazonica

Budget Class Ships – Clipper and Lo Peix 

The Luxury Class ship, Iberostar Grand Amazon, is the largest vessel that cruises on the Amazon River. It has 72 cabins and carries up to 150 passengers.

Rainforest Cruises in Peru

Amazon River cruise itineraries in Peru are from 3 to 8 days in length. Budget Class cruises begin at $779 per person. And Luxury Class packages begin at $3,499 per person.

13 River Cruise Ships Featured in Peru

Luxury Class Ships – Delfin I, Delfin II, M/V Aqua, M/V Aria

Historical Class Ships – Ayapua (built in 1906) and Clavero (built in 1878)

Comfort Class Ships – La Amatista, Estrella Amazonica, Arapaima, Queen Violeta and Cattleya.

Budget Class Ships – Acacia and Selva Viva

The Budget Class ship, Acacia, is the smallest ship featured on Rainforest Cruises. The vessel was built in 2013 and carries only 6 guests. 

The Luxury Class ship, Delfin I, is an all-suite vessel. You can choose between the Master Suite or the Grand Master Suite.

Cruises on the Historical Class ships are only offered in Peru.

Rainforest Cruises in Ecuador

Amazon River cruise itineraries in Ecuador range in length from 4 to 8 days. Packages begin at $949 per person.

2 River Cruise Ships Featured in Ecuador

Superior Class Ship - Anakonda

Budget Class Ship - Manatee Amazon Explorer

Rainforest Cruises in Bolivia

River cruises on the Amazon in Bolivia start at $619 per person.  There are 3- to 5-day itineraries available.

1 River Cruise Ship Featured in Bolivia

Budget Class Ship - Rein d Enin

Other Travel Options in South America

Rainforest Cruises offers packages for 4- to 7-day land tours in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Argentina. A few of the most popular destinations, include Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina,; and Machu Picchu in Cusco, Peru.

This can be a great extension either before or after your river cruise. Or if you're the type who would rather travel on land, you can skip the river cruise altogether and just book a land tour.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru. Photo © Lukasz Kurbiel

Another type of travel that's especially suited to the Amazon is staying in one of the many rainforest lodges. There are twenty-two  to choose from - nine in Peru, five in Brazil, six in Ecuador and two in Bolivia.

And if you like cruising, the company also offers packages for Galapagos Islands' cruises. You can enjoy one of the following types - Luxury, Superior, Comfort or Diving. Galapagos cruise itineraries are usually about 8 days long and start at $3,249 per person.

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