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In 1925 Arthur Tauck, Sr. opened a motor coach and small tour business to serve New England. The luxury travel company, known as Tauck, began expanding into Canada by the late 1950s and has since become a global business.

In 1992 Tauck added river cruises to its portfolio.  While the company is probably more well-known as a tour operator, it has definitely made its mark in the river cruising arena and is now one of the major river cruise suppliers operating in Europe.

Parliament Building in Budapest, Hungary

Parliament Building in Budapest, Hungary

(Tauck has 6 Danube River cruises that begin or end in Budapest.)

Tauck - European River Cruises 

Tauck features 20 different river cruises itineraries in Europe. Rivers include the Rhine, Main, Danube, Dutch & Belgian Waterways, Seine, Rhône and Saône. Packages are from 8 to 24 days long.  And most include some time on land before and/or after your river cruise.

The longest itinerary is the Grand European Cruise, which is a 24-day trip with a 22-day river cruise on the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers. Travel is between Amsterdam and Bucharest.

There are 2 itineraries that include travel to or from London via the Eurotunnel. The 12-day Cruising the Seine plus Versailles, Paris & London package combines a visit to London with a 10-day Seine River cruise. And the 22-day Belle Epoch includes a visit to London along with 2 separate cruises - a 9-day cruise on the Seine River and a 9-day Rhône and Saône cruise.

For Rhone River cruises in France, transportation is by high-speed TGV train between Lyon and Paris. Cruises either begin or are followed by a 2-day visit to Paris.

Tauck is one of the few river cruise companies that has specific itineraries designed for families with children 4 years of age and older. Cruises are available during June and July when children are not in school. The following packages are available: 

  • Castles of the Rhine: Family Riverboat Adventure
  • Blue Danube: Family Riverboat Adventure
  • Bon Voyage! France Family River Cruise

In April 2016 Tauck will introduce a new itinerary  - "The Rhine, Swiss Alps and Amsterdam ".  An 8-day Rhine River cruise is combined with a 2-night stay in Bern, Switzerland. 

Tauck - European River Cruise Fleet

There will be 9 ships in Tauck's fleet by 2016. The ms Grace will begin sailing on the Rhine and the ms Joy will travel along the Danube in 2016. Its current fleet consists of 7 different ships:

  • ms Esprit - Rhine, Main & Danube
  • ms Inspire - Rhine & Moselle
  • ms Savor - Danube
  • ms Swiss Emerald - Rhône and Saône
  • ms Swiss Jewel - Rhine, Main & Danube
  • ms Swiss Sapphire - Seine
  • ms Treasures - Rhine, Main & Danube

Tauck - Other River Cruises & Travel Types

In addition to river cruises in Europe, Tauck offers river cruises in Asia and Africa as part of a larger land tour package. You won't find them listed under river cruises on Tauck's website, though. This is a list of the packages: 

  • Myanmar: A Road Less Traveled - 13-day package with a 4-day Irrawaddy River cruise on the Belmond Road to Mandalay ship.
  • China, The Yangtze River & Hong Kong - 16-day package with a 4-day cruise on the Yangzi Explorer.
  • Egypt & Jordan: Timeless Treasures, Ancient Lands - 12-day package with a 3-day Nile River cruise aboard the Nile Adventurer.

Tauck also features small-ship cruises around the world, including an expedition cruise in Antarctica.

And Tauck has many land tour packages are available across the globe in destinations, such as Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Cuba, Europe, India and the United States.

Some of the information in this article was provided by Chris Greco, Brand Manager for Tauck.

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