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A City Guide to Budapest

Hungary's capital city of Budapest is described as a 'Gem of a City' by Lonely Planet due to its unique and charming atmosphere. Budapest straddles both banks of the Danube . . .  Read More

EUROPE: 6 of the Most Unique River Cruise Packages

If you've ever searched for a river cruise, you may have noticed that there are similar itineraries among suppliers. There are some river cruise packages that are unique, though. . . Read More

River Cruises in Italy

If you would like to take a river cruise in Italy, there are several options available. It just depends where you'll be traveling in Italy and the type of river cruise you would like to take. There are several . . . Read More

5 Reasons to Take a Danube River Cruise During the . . . 

Don’t want to cook and clean this year for the holidays?  How fun would it be to celebrate the joys of the season while cruising one of Europe’s most prestigious rivers?  A Danube River cruise might be just the remedy . . . Read More 

Places to See on a Rhine River Cruise

Cruising the Rhine River is a great way to maximize your travel experience. Multiple stops along the route provide opportunities for exploring several countries without transferring luggage or checking into a hotel until . . . Read More

8 UNESCO Sites for River Cruises in Germany

You probably aren’t thinking about UNESCO World Heritage Sites if you’re planning to take a river cruise. Interestingly though, you’ll find that each destination for Germany river cruises . . . Read More

Best Foreign Language to Learn For a European River Cruise

So, what is the best foreign language to learn if you are planning to take a European river cruise? Is it necessary to learn a foreign language?. . . Read More

9 Best Places to Visit in France

Some of the best places to visit in France are scattered throughout its many regions. It’s the largest country completely within Europe. Although, Russia and Ukraine are larger than France . . . Read More

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