Top 5 European Luxury River Cruises

A trip to any part of Europe is sure to be memorable and fun, especially if it is your first time to go around the continent. While there are many activities to enjoy in Europe, going on a European luxury river cruise is a great way to see a handful of the most historic and picturesque towns and cities in the region.

Luxury river cruises also have different activities offered to their guests. And of course, these cruises are manned by some of the best chefs who can cook up great-tasting foods for you to enjoy.

So if you are convinced to opt for a cruise on your next European holiday, why not learn more about the best river cruises in this part of the world? 

Rhine River Cruise

Hands down, this is the best river to cruise along in Europe. The Rhine River, after all, is dotted with majestic castles that you thought only existed in fairy tales. Viking Cruises offers the best cruise along this legendary river. Viking Cruises is not the world’s most awarded river cruise for nothing. Its fleet of cruise vessels can accommodate up to 190 guests. 

Going on a Rhine River cruise on board a Viking Cruise vessel is not only a feast for the eyes but for the taste buds as well. Excellent meals are prepared by the company’s crew of professional chefs.

Danube River Cruise

The Danube River rises in the Black Forest region of Germany.  Not only is this the second longest river in all of Europe, Danube River covers 10 countries in Europe. Thus you can expect to see a lot of sights, partake in different cuisine and experience varying cultures when you join a Danube River cruise. 

Seine River Cruise

Seine River in Paris, France

Seine River in Paris, France

Get to know more about the history and culture of France by embarking on a Seine River cruise. There are several cruise operators that have vessels traversing this river but Avalon Waterways may have the best cruise. Its vessel, the Avalon Creativity, can accommodate up to 140 passengers. 

You’ll enjoy sightseeing tours hosted by a Certified Local Guide during your 8 days of travel from Paris to Normandy.

Rhone River Cruise

Flowing through some of the most historic cities in France, the Rhone River is a favourite of European visitors. The river starts in the Swiss mountains, goes through the Mediterranean, and winds through Lyon. Along its banks are wine regions and culinary hotbeds of France.  

While there are numerous cruise companies operating along this route, the Euro River Cruises may just be the best with its modern ship equipped with amenities that can rival those of five-star hotels. 

Douro River Cruise

Although not as popular as other waterways mentioned earlier, Duoro River makes this list due to its proximity to wine-making regions of Spain and Portugal. The cruise offered by Blue Water Holidays takes eight days of travel starting in Porto going into the heart of Spain before heading back to the historic citadel.

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Article written by, Julia Percy, who is a Travel Journalist for Globelink International.

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