St. Lawrence River Cruises
From Kingston to Quebec City

A cruise on the St. Lawrence River will include destinations in both New York and Canada traveling anywhere between Kingston, Ontario and Quebec City. Itineraries typically range in length from 3 to 6 nights.

You’ll find packages that combine a cruise on the St. Lawrence River with the Hudson River and Erie Canal. And a cruise that combines a trip to Nova Scotia sailing from the St. Lawrence River along the Atlantic Coast of Canada.

There are cruise lines that feature day cruises near in the Thousand Islands’ region on the Canada–US border and also in Quebec.

St. Lawrence River in Quebec City

St. Lawrence River in Quebec City

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St. Lawrence River Facts

The St. Lawrence River begins at Kingston, Ontario and Cape Vincent, New York as an outflow of Lake Ontario. Flowing in a northeasterly direction, the St. Lawrence stretches for 744 miles until it reaches the Atlantic Ocean. It is the second longest river in Canada.

There are a few main waterways the river meets along its course. It passes through two lakes near Montreal – Lake Saint-Louis and Lake Saint-Frances. And it is also joined by the Ottawa River in Montreal.

St. Lawrence River Destinations

A few destinations you’ll visit include Kingston, Ontario where your cruise will either begin or end. Shorter cruises (between 3 and 4 nights) will travel roundtrip from Kingston. A 5-night cruise will travel between Kingston and Ottawa, and a 6-night cruise will be between Kingston and Montreal or Quebec City.

Featured destinations include the Thousand Islands with a trip to Boldt Castle on Heart Island on the border of New York.

Boldt Castle on Heart Island in the Thousand Islands Region

Boldt Castle on Heart Island

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Brockville, Ontario, located on the north side of the St. Lawrence, is known as the “City of the 1000 Islands”. It is featured on both shorter and longer itineraries.

A 19th-century village known as Upper Canada Village will also be a highlight or your trip. It’s located in Ontario.

St. Lawrence River in Montreal

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And for 6-night cruises, you’ll spend some time in the French-Canadian cities of Montreal and Quebec City. Although, French is the official language in both, you’ll find that many people who live and work there will also speak English.

For overnight river cruises, St. Lawrence Cruise Lines has cruises on just this river. Blount Small Ship Adventures and Pearl Sea Cruises offer packages that combine the St. Lawrence with other waterways.

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