A Stunning Dinner Cruise on the Hudson River in New York City

By Shelli Elledge

If you are a newcomer to New York City or you have visited the city many times before, a Hudson River dinner cruise is an experience not to miss. It is a memorable yet relaxing way to see the “city that never sleeps” from a different perspective.  For us, the Hudson River dinner cruise aboard the Duchess was one of our most outstanding evenings during our visit.  

Manhattan Bridge from the Hudson River

Photo by Ron Elledge

We chose the World Yacht Company for our Hudson River dinner cruise from Manhattan. Because of the numerous companies to choose from, we based our decision to go with World Yacht on two main reasons.  Our first reason was the appealing selection of locally sourced items on their menu. Our second reason was that we could request a private table for a very reasonable price of only $10 more.  

Ready to Cruise

When we arrived at Pier 81, we were elated and impressed with our selection of cruise companies.  As the name implies, the World Yacht Company operates spacious and elegant yachts!  The Duchess is remarkable with its glistening details, from the spit-polished railings to the handsome glossy decking.  All-around windows mean guests have unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyline from almost anywhere on the ship.  

Manhattan Skyline and the Freedom Tower

Photo by Ron Elledge

Customer service matches the classiness of traveling the Hudson on a yacht.  Uniformed crew  members were professional and friendly.  They were helpful in answering almost any question guests asked about the area and still provided excellent attention to the ordering and timing of our meal selections.  Our wonderful server, Danielle, greeted us with dainty little appetizers almost the minute we arrived!

Even before we started the cruise, views from onboard are spectacular!  One of the he background focal points is the iconic Empire State Building with its brightly illuminated top.  Within walking distance and just down the harbor is the monstrously huge Intrepid battleship docked at the Sea, Air, and Space Museum.   

Because the Duchess handles the waves so efficiently, cruisers hardly noticed as we disembarked from the dock and started down the river.  Many guests stayed outside on the deck, trying to capture the sights before them.  Others of us chose the warmth of the dining room or the cocktail lounge.  Relaxed and unhurried, dinner was served to each table as we were ready rather than all at the same time.  

Bright Spots Along the Hudson River

As we proceeding towards the southern tip of Manhattan, we saw the brightly lit World Trade Center and the extraordinary Freedom Tower.  We came amazingly close to the picturesque Statue of Liberty, perfect for professional and amateur photographers alike.  We sailed under the famous Manhattan Bridge and saw the lights of the largest analogue clock in the world.  

Although the skyline is dotted with iconic structures such as the Hancock Tower, the New York Life skyscraper, and other sights, the inside of the cruiser was almost as dazzling.  Guests enjoyed dancing to contemporary and Sinatra-style hits.  Others enjoyed their delicious chef-inspired meals by candlelight.  Others lingered over coffee and a pretty dessert at their cozy table for two.

Tiramisu, an Italian Dessert,  Served on Hudson River Dinner Cruise

Photo by Ron Elledge

Best Time to Go

The holiday season is an especially wonderful time of year to cruise.  The temperatures will be brisk, but the ambience will be warm and festive.  For us, the Hudson River dinner cruise aboard the Duchess was one of our most outstanding evenings during our visit.  

The dinner cruise is three-hours long, which is just the right amount of time to not feel rushed and still have time to experience the incredible views of the Manhattan skyline.  The spacious dining room and cocktail lounge are accommodating for special occasions and parties.  

You can find out more about this cruise here, including departure times, dates available and what's included on the menu.

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