Day, Evening & Sightseeing River Cruises in America

To keep things simple on this page, we'll refer to all trips as day cruises, which will also include evening, scenic, sightseeing and eco cruises. This page is still under construction, so please check back to see future updates. 

The page is divided into three sections: USA, Canada and South America. And within the three sections, there are subsections for the rivers, the destinations and links to pages that describe them in more depth as well as links to featured day cruises.

Day Cruises in the USA

Charles River Cruises

Destination(s): Boston MA

Read About the Charles River

Featured Day Cruises on the Charles River

Chicago River Cruises

Destination(s): Chicago, IL

Read About the Chicago River

Featured Day Cruises on the Chicago River

Hudson River Cruises

Destination(s): New York City, NY

Read About the Hudson River

Featured Day Cruises on the Hudson River

Mississippi River Cruises

Destinations: Memphis, TN & New Orleans, LA

Read About the Mississippi River

Featured Day Cruises on the Mississippi River

Niagara Falls Cruises

Destination(s): Niagara Falls, NY

Read About Niagara Falls

Featured Day Cruises to the Niagara Falls

Potomac River Cruises

Destination(s): Washington, DC and Mount Vernon, VA

Read About the Potomac River

Featured Day Cruises on the Potomac River

St. Johns River Cruises

Destination(s): Jacksonville, FL & St. Augustine, FL

Read About the St. Johns River

Featured Day Cruises on the St. Johns River

Tennessee River Cruises

Destination(s): Chattanooga, TN

Read About Rivers in Tennessee

Featured Day Cruises on the Tennessee River

Day Cruises in Canada

Niagara (Horse Shoe) Falls in Canada.

Day Cruises in South America

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